Impact Marketing

The simple ratio that delivers exponential results.

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Impact Marketing

The simple ratio that delivers exponential results.

We are great marketers. But let’s be honest: we’re all still crossing our fingers. When we hit “publish,” we’re all still holding our breath that this piece of brilliant collateral “works.” Why does it still feel out of our control? With all the strides we’ve made in marketing, why does it still feel like we only control the cause and not the effect?

The ugly truth is that as marketers, we have a massive problem. We’re focused on the creation, distribution and promotion of content, while the result we want—driving people to act—has nothing to do with any of those things. It has only to do with the reaction—the spark we ignite in someone. And we can’t afford to leave that to chance.

What if we could guarantee that spark? What if there was a formula to break through and create the exact reaction we want from our marketing? Because here’s the thing: If we produce useful content, people might use it. If we create entertaining content, people might share it. But if we create content that makes people feel alive, there is nothing they won’t give us.

In this session, publisher and entrepreneur Caroline Nuttall will teach us how to bridge the gap from marketing to impact. We’ll discover what truly inspires people and drives them to action. Through real-world examples, we’ll learn the balanced ratio that successful brands use to ensure consumer action and brand loyalty. You’ll walk away with the formula to aliveness, the steps to apply it to your marketing, and the foresight to empower your results.

Together, we’ll learn the most powerful skill in the world. We’ll learn the power to power people.

Event Producers Who Love Caroline

Roberto Coin
US Dept of Veteran’s Affair
Fremantle Media
Le Creuset
lululemon athletica
Weight Watcher

“Inspirational! Caroline’s passion and brilliant mind challenges us to approach life and business differently. Her infectious, positive energy gives courage and hope for us to believe we have access to achieving our wildest dreams.”

Performance Development Manager
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company